About Us

Botterised is owned and operated by  Bee Ryan and is an additional arm to the Serena Dot Ryan Digital Agency.

Since 2017, we have been helping businesses with customer service and marketing to the general public via the Facebook Messenger platform. Whether you’re offering something highly specialised, or what you provide can be used and appreciated by nearly anyone, the right level and type of marketing and customer service can make all the difference.  You need to be relevant in your marketplace.

That’s where Botterised can help. We build & support your business by providing Messenger chatbot services which are a great way to automate your customer service & lead magnet interaction. We particularly specialise in the compliance requirements for chatbots, helping business comply with global rules & regulations.

You can have the best items in the world, or give the best service imaginable, but your customers have to be able to find them and feel safe at the same time.!

Statistics show that 56% of people would rather message than call customer service & at least 1.3B people use Messenger every month. Messenger drives results!

Expand Your Market Presence

With marketing online being so popular today, a lot of people forget there are other options. Let us help you be relevant in your marketplace.